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The Secret of Mago Castle character archetypesIf you’ve read The Secret of Mago Castle, you may have felt that it was written about your life, your struggles, your dreams. You may have identified with the five characters as they went on their ultimate journey.

Which one did you identify with the most? Are you a Teacher like K’ete-t, a Master like Suna, a Leader like Noah, a Protector like Leuters, a Warrior like Toby, or a Healer like Angeline?

A fun way of finding out is by taking The Secret of Mago Castle Character Archetype Quiz. Take the quiz and start a new journey!

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A vivid tale for anyone who dreams of a better world

Was The Alchemist one of your favorite books?  Do you wish that there were more conscious novels in the world?

We’re super excited to announce the newest addition to the spiritual fiction genre.

The Secret of Mago Castle by Rebecca Tinkle is an award-winning, non-stop, edge-of-your-seat, heart-opening, consciousness-expanding, spiritual adventure novel, set in Sedona, Arizona. It demonstrates the beauty of the human spirit when it rises above all limitations. This book is a must-read for anyone who has a dream of a better self, a better humanity, and a better world. “Remembering who we really are is our greatest task in life,” said actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, “and this book is a wonderful reminder of that.” Learn more about the plot and characters on the Book page.

We’ll be posting book news and Rebecca’s thoughts and inspirations on the Blog. And she just started her own blog on the Huffington Post. Get ready to see The Secret of Mago Castle come to life.

Make the Book Part of Your Life

3 layers of the brain copyMs. Tinkle will also be giving a periodic weekend workshop based on the book to help you discover your own special powers and destiny. The next workshop dates are April 24 – 26, 2015. Check out the Retreat page for more details.

For more personal help along your journey, Rebecca offers one-on-one sessions via Skype. In these 45-minute sessions, she will read your energy and offer you advice on how to gain your heart’s desire. If you are in Sedona, you can also do sessions with her in person. More details are on the Personal Sessions page.

The Secret of Mago Castle is not just a book. It is a call to all of the heroes out there who are willing to develop themselves throughout their life, follow their conscience, and help their fellow man. That’s why the Heroes Without Capes Book Drive was begun. We’re sharing the book with people of all ages who need to remember just how powerful they really are, regardless of anything that has happened in their lives. Learn more about what you can do to be an everyday hero on the Book Drive page.

Rebecca Tinkle in her own words . . . why should you buy the book?