“Who are you?” . . . The Secret of Mago Castle Archetypes

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We are all here on Earth just trying to figure out who we are and why we have come. New experiences are exciting because, whether we realize it or not, we are in a continuous trial-and-error pursuit to figure out the answers to those two questions. Think about it—if an experience satisfies our soul we overflow with inspiration because on some level we have gathered one more piece to our puzzle and are one step closer to fulfilling our destiny.


In The Secret of Mago Castle, five people discover their innate spiritual gifts—an event that compels them to JUMP into completely new life pursuits. They discover that their destiny is bigger than they ever imagined, realizing that their souls incarnated on the Earth to make a global change—and make it fast. In doing so, they push the limits of their humanity, face adversity, and finally realize their true identity. The book has been embraced by readers with passionate fervor because it speaks to the part in all of us that longs for a better life, a better world.

What about you? Who are YOU?

If you are curious to TRULY know who you are and what you are made of,
If you want to discover your innate spiritual gifts,
If your soul longs to live the ADVENTURE that you came here to pursue . . .

The Secret of Mago Castle will ignite your passion, give you courage, and compel you to make the leap into the unknown.

Start by finding the secret to your own life adventure. If you’ve read the book, you may have felt that this book was written about your life, your struggles, your dreams. You may have identified with the five characters as they went on their ultimate journey.

The Secret of Mago Castle character archetypes

Which did you identify with the most? Are you a Teacher like K’ete-t, a Master like Suna, a Leader like Noah, a Protector like Leuters, a Warrior like Toby, or a Healer like Angeline?

A fun way of finding out is by taking The Secret of Mago Castle Character Archetype Quiz. Discovering this can be the first step you take on a new path.

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  1. Ji

    I’m an elementary school teacher in Korea. A group of BR teachers in my city have been running book seminars since March of this year. The book of this month was “The secret of Mago Castle.” We loved so much for sharing thoughts inspired by this book. We also tried this quiz and got interesting results. There were 5 people including me, no one has same result. I was the healer, and the other teachers were the worrier, the master, the leader, and the teacher. We are expecting to test another teacher who missed the seminar this month. I guess she is probably “the protector”. In Chunbukynug, SIX is considered as “the possible number” which can evolve, multiply, and develop until reaching the completion. We have a vision that we make all the teachers and the students on Earth healthy, happy, and peaceful 🙂 I strongly believe that we are the ones who start the great change in Education. On behalf of my group, I’d like to thank you to write this hopeful story and this blog. We are looking forward to reading your next book! 🙂

  2. Andrea Mejia

    Hi Rebecca,
    Sedona is a special place, I traveled there with some of my family a few weeks ago where I found your book and had the pleasure of meeting you. I have to tell you, the book is amazing and I am happy you are sharing your writing. Since my visit with you I’ve been more aware and opportunities have been coming at me left and right in such obvious ways. Thank you for sharing your book, it made a difference in my thoughts.
    Andrea M.

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