Rebecca Tinkle, The Secret of Mago Castle

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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To every girl who daydreamed of being a superhero, the president, or movie star, or every young boy who imagined fighting the dragon, or every child who sang into the hairbrush, and every person that always knew, deep down inside, that they were meant for greatness—sensing that no matter what life threw at you, your moment of emergence was just …

Are You a Healer?

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I am a healer *cue cheesy instrumental music* That’s a pretty big statement. But what exactly does it mean? Does it mean that, like Jesus, I can put my hands on someone and instantly cure any ailment? Does it mean that I’m perfect, always selfless, never misspeak or misspell a word? Does it mean that I was born onto this …

THE COMFORT BOX – Inside or Out?

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As you know, I’m a BIG DREAMER. I’m a visionary that constantly dreams of scaling horizons outside of my comfort zone. I’m bold, I’m brave, my imagination continuously flashes scenarios of absolute triumph, and my heart is filled with so much passion that when I set a goal—it’s typically Grand Canyon size. My mind paints such a brilliant and definite …

Still Reaching?

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Whether we had a dream in our heart (from the time we were a little kid) or simply made a New Year resolution to improve a sticky situation in our current life… far too often we WISH for something to change, but when it comes time to effect that change our old habits SERIOUSLY get in the way. Our engine …

New Year balloons

Make a Dream into a Reality

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Planning 101 for Dreamers I’d like to give a New Year shout out to all my fellow dreamers out there! A new year has come. We’ve got the dream… We’ve got the passion… We’re going to change the world and we know just how to do it. Are YOU ready? On the mark… Get ready… Set… Hold-on-a-second. Did anyone else …