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Make a Dream into a Reality

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Planning 101 for Dreamers

I’d like to give a New Year shout out to all my fellow dreamers out there!

A new year has come.
We’ve got the dream…
We’ve got the passion…
We’re going to change the world and we know just how to do it.

Are YOU ready?
On the mark…
Get ready…


Did anyone else notice that Netflix has a new sitcom series out? Well, I guess just-this-once we can start our project tomorrow.

Confession Time

Yes, it’s true. This big-start-little-return thang is a subject that I know well and I’m here today to make a confession… Hi, my name is Rebecca Tinkle, and I am a big dreamer. The universe blesses me with a BIG dream and just enough passion to start me out—but then SOMETHING uber-important happens in my environment and I get a little distracted.

male angelI waste a little time.

I use all that delicious energy that the universe-had-gifted-me-to-get-started to have a little fun.

The next day my vision is less vivid and the juice that came with it has dried up. And again, by some great miracle the universe gives me another big dream—enough power to get me started—and again, I procrastinate… and once again the cycle of the big dreamer begins.

Sound familiar? No need to worry, slap your forehead, or hang your head in shame because this year is going to be different.

Why? Because THIS TIME we’re in-this-together and I’ve got a plan.

Every week, all month… I’m gonna be checking in with you to give you (and myself) a little nudge in the direction of FRUITION. Yes, that’s right. I’m gonna be your coach, your cheerleader, and your audience the entire month of January. Together we’re gonna kick the habit of the big dreamer once and for all… and my life is going to change, your life is going to change, and the world is going to change because of it.

girl running on beach with balloons

We’ve got the dream, we’ve got the power, we’ve got each other, and now all we need is the action.

Mantra that: action! Action! ACTION!

I love you with all my heart.

Rebecca Tinkle

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