THE COMFORT BOX – Inside or Out?

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As you know, I’m a BIG DREAMER. I’m a visionary that constantly dreams of scaling horizons outside of my comfort zone. I’m bold, I’m brave, my imagination continuously flashes scenarios of absolute triumph, and my heart is filled with so much passion that when I set a goal—it’s typically Grand Canyon size. My mind paints such a brilliant and definite picture that while I’m in that heady moment of creation… my belief in my ability, focus, and drive is so absolute that I’ll confidently stake everything on its outcome.

Oh, But the Body…

Actually taking that inspiration and PUMPING it into the third-dimension-of-form through the effort-of-my-body… THAT’S THE TRICKY PART.

Because I’m tired.
And my back hurts.
And then there’s Netflix.
And “tomorrow,”
And “the roses,”
And “the coffee,”


And all of the seemingly valid messages that tell me to slow down, take a sniff, and just enjoy the pleasures of the moment. I’m sure you can relate. It’s human nature to want to push every boundary – to pioneer new personal frontiers—but we also all have that innate desire for comfort. So what do you do when the mind reaches toward enlightened horizons, but the body wants to stick to its creature comforts?

I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re all here to figure out.

Leaping Outside of the Box

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always on a diet. And anyone close to me knows that there’s a part of me that LOVES to create that good ‘ol sensation of warm earth-bound grandmotherly care. So when it comes time to push that dessert away—I often say, in an endearing and conspiratorial whisper:

“I’m on a diet—so I’d better only have HALF of a cookie.”


That’s actually a trait I picked up from my own grandmother. She’s super cute, super sweet, and she’s a master at creating valuable moments of soft and heartfelt nurturance. She was one of my earliest role models, and through her example, she taught me to love myself JUST as I am… cute little pumpkin belly and all.

The problem with that type of self-care is that it can easily teeter over the edge to self-indulgence… but, one could argue, that since the spirit of the care is based in love it’s a completely valid way to nurture yourself. Nine out of ten cookie eaters agree.

My grandmother is a master of the heart. She created a comfortable life for herself and everyone around her knew that they were loved by the smell of freshly baked cookies and the delicious little care packages that she would send home with us as children. She urged us to be polite and take naps when we thought we needed one. She was a gentle-natured soul that, in large part, was the influence that crafted the woman that I have become. I have lived most of my life adhering to the values of warm contentment that she instilled within me.

Reaching for the Stars

But then life lead me to another kind of Master. A Master of the Spirit. The kind of Master that told me to break all of my rules, push every limit, and cast aside my comforts to pioneer the most expansive, highest version of myself. His vision was BIG, vast, pushing the limits what I thought possible, and thus long-term.

Ilchi LeeHe taught me how to plan, and commit to taking small, actionable steps until I’ve reached the top summit of my self-development… checking my every step, holding me responsible for the dreams that I voiced, urging me to turn them into realities. He holds space for my wildest hopes, reminding me not to measure self-love in moments of comfort—but rather the fruition of the version of myself that I daydreamed about, while eating cookies. And while his enthusiasm for my future-self is contagious and quite inspirational… warm cookies still call my name from the deepest part of my childhood heart (warm cookies = all creature comforts).

So this year, I’m determined to find the balance. I’m pushing my limits to discover another way to care for myself… to integrate the experiences of the body, heart, and the spirit. I’m gonna put down the ice cream cone and step outside of my Comfort Box. I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m gonna… stop talking about what I’m gonna do&mash;and ACTUALLY do it!

How about you?

Tinkle Tweet: “The Person inside the Comfort Box Talks… The person who jumps out of the box… Walks!”

I wish you all the triumph in the world.

Rebecca Tinkle

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