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Today Rebecca Tinkle published her very first blog article on The Huffington Post. She and everyone at Best Life Media are super-excited that she has the opportunity to shine her light in such a prestigious forum.

How did she do it?

“I simply emailed Arianna Huffington telling her how much it would mean to me to be a Huffington Post Author. I sent her a sample blog, and links to my website, Facebook, and book reviews. Within 48 hours she responded with a, ‘YES!’ asking that my first blog be about The Secret of Mago Castle. It was so short, sweet, simple, and organic . . . almost like when we were kids on the playground. I just walked up to her and said: ‘Hi, my name is Rebecca . . . wanna be my friend?’

The lesson that I learned through this experience is that sometimes ‘simple’ is better. Ask for what you want without being weird and needy and sometimes it works out beautifully!

After seeing my first blog about the Hero-Types, Arianna has offered me the opportunity to be a regular blogger on her site. This opportunity is a chance to get a message of awakening, earth consciousness, love, and change to the world.”

Check out the article for yourself!

If you’d like, you can leave a comment on the article to show Rebecca your support, and even click the “LIKE” button at the top and SHARE the link on your social media platforms to tell your friends about it.

You can also follow Rebecca’s future posts on her Huffington Post Author Page.

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