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Superpowers of the Healer Hero on the Huffington Post

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Following up on her first Huffington Post article, author Rebecca Tinkle continues to wake up our inner hero with her second installment, “Love Is: The Healer’s Hidden Cape.” What does it mean to be a Healer Hero? It’s a frame of mind that you have either lived with all of your life, or you can start developing right now. Keep …

Meditation to Enjoy Your Being-ness

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Let author Rebecca Tinkle guide your awareness down deep into your core, to the foundation of reality. Discover the place where all is safe and empowering, where all of your love and satisfaction can be unleashed.

An Intimate, Full-Circle Moment

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“Someday this will all make sense. The pieces start to come together after a long road of chaos. Every seemingly random event, a special stepping stone on the road of my life. Perspective changes and all makes sense. The circle completes and I am at rest.” – Rebecca Tinkle I feel moved to share a full-circle moment that I experienced …