An Intimate, Full-Circle Moment

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“Someday this will all make sense. The pieces start to come together after a long road of chaos. Every seemingly random event, a special stepping stone on the road of my life. Perspective changes and all makes sense. The circle completes and I am at rest.” – Rebecca Tinkle

I feel moved to share a full-circle moment that I experienced recently that ties into the quote above, penned by me in 2010 while in the throes of a life-changing spiritual awakening. It was a time when my spiritual sight had been opened to its highest capacity, catapulting my perception into two different worlds simultaneously—the world that everybody else saw and the energetic world of creation (thought and intention) that each of us are connected to, but few are aware of. I struggled so much during this time because my mind perceived what was going on “under the veil,” and I experienced it as clearly and solidly as the world of form.


Spending time with people was heart-breaking because I found that far too often the world that we carry within us doesn’t match the way that we present ourselves to the world, and being the only person in the interaction seeing both worlds simultaneously, it was difficult to not respond to the secret suffering and desperation that I felt emanating from each person that I encountered. It was hard to smile and talk about the weather when all I wanted to do was fall to my knees and lament the world that created such agony in the human spirit. This constant overstimulation wounded me to the point where I lost all hope, because the structures of thought creating the world we live in were so multi-layered that shifting them seemed insurmountable. I didn’t have the wisdom or the tools to change the energy that I perceived, so I separated myself from society as much as I could. My spirit was darkened by my own fear and avoidance of anything that strummed the strings of pain in my heart.

But then one MAGICAL day I met someone who was different. Someone who held such a clear space that I could breathe again. Someone who saw my suffering and was mature enough to take responsibility to help me change it. He provided me a safe bubble of time and space to heal within. He became my mentor, my friend, the teacher whose constant effort taught me how to make my spirit bright again. And it was through witnessing how his focused attention breathed-the-life-back-into-me that I matured to the point where I also wanted to take responsibility for more than just myself. He inspired me to roll up my sleeves and change the world for the better . . . in theory, anyway.

I wanted to change the world, but I didn’t want to actually leave the bubble that he had created for me to do it. But, as with all bubbles, it was time for mine to burst. He pushed me out of the nest, forcing me to spread my wings and fly on my own. Since then I’ve met many people, doing my best to leave each person with a little more love than when I found them. But a soft voice inside my heart whispered that it wasn’t enough, that I needed to expand my capacity more. Share more, do more, create more. It was only when I returned to my hometown of Denver for a book talk and signing last week that I fully realized the depth of this holy ache in my heart for a better world. Like a child that measures their growth by the pencil marks on the wall, I was able to clearly see how much I had healed, changed, and grown since moving to Sedona to work with this mentor in 2012. In one climactic moment my perspective shifted, and I realized that fiction and reality had overlapped and I had become the embodiment of the characters in the book that I was promoting. The pieces came together after a long road of chaos and everything made sense. I clearly saw the tools of transformation that had been passed on to me by this great energy master, and that it is my highest honor, calling, and duty to share those tools with as many people as I possibly can. And passing on those tools will make me a true healer. I’ve now glimpsed what that term means in its highest expression.


This transformation from the wounded to the healer is the essence, the very heart and soul, of The Secret of Mago Castle. The characters in the story also embark on this journey of healing, maturing, and evolution into the full embodiment of the spirit found in a holy human being. Whether we realize it or not, we’re all in that process. It’s the purpose my life, your life, our life. And all of the painful experiences we’ve encountered along the way are simply stepping stones to our divinity. It’s time for us to stop avoiding our suffering and bravely turn around to first investigate it, then embrace it.

Once we do this we will mature, understanding so completely that the reason we were born unto this earth is to finally resolve the generational imprints of suffering. We are here to change the world. It’s our time. We are the generation that will accept the responsibility to restore integrity of intention, energy, thought, and action to create the world-of-our-dreams and not a world that evokes our greatest nightmares. And when we do this—the circle will complete and we will find our rest.

And in that moment we will know joy.


If you’re curious to see the Denver event that changed it all . . . I’d love to share. Click the link:

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I love you with all of my heart. Let’s change the world.

Rebecca Tinkle

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