7 Tips for the Protector Hero-Type: A Devoted Champion of the Earth

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Have you ever sensed a great and noble spirit within you just waiting to express itself in the world? Those Technicolor imaginings of what your life could be are more than just a daydream. They are whispers from your intuition flashing images of the hero within. And it’s both your destiny and birthright to step forward, embody it, and claim this mastery over life as your own. But as with all great destinies, there’s always a choice.

The first step to awakening the hero within is to identify your unique talents, the ones that only you have, learning how to utilize them in order to leave every person that you meet a little better than when you found them. The second and most important step is action. It’s the one thing that turns bystanders into heroes (or fantasies into realities). If Superman discovered his speed and strength, but decided to stay home and eat Cheetos, the world wouldn’t change. And that principle of action applies to each and every one of us.

If you’re curious to see how your unique talents could be used as superpowers, I’ve created a quiz that distills common characteristics into six different hero-types, including their super strengths and super flaws, as well as suggestions on how to awaken the best of each hero-type within.

Hero’s Spotlight: The Protector
In this blog we’ll explore both the cape and the kryptonite of the second of six Hero Archetypes, the Protector Hero-Type, delving into what makes or breaks the protector within.

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