Jedi-Masters Are All Around . . . Are You One?

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In her latest blog installment on The Huffington Post, Rebecca Tinkle delves into the Master Hero-type: powerful, intuitive, centered, experts in transformation. She writes, “Like a modern Jedi knight, masters have the ability to keep their cool, even when scared or irritated, which makes them seem unruffled by the varying challenges that life may bring.”

Master heroes are the people who used to spend decades meditating on the mountain, but who now bridge the gap between the soul’s desires and the material world in their everyday reality. Throughout lifetimes of effort, these old souls have been consistently refining their mental and emotional processes to align with their higher self, and have mastered of their ego.

Modern-day masters who have not awakened to the lifetimes of wisdom stored in their subconscious often feel restless and adrift without a purpose. They may embark on a spiritual quest to unlock the answers to their existential questions. Those that have awakened to their potential are able to share their discoveries accessibly and understandably with the people around them.

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