Life is (and can be) soooo MAGICAL!!!!

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The number one thing I have learned is that the only journey worth taking is the journey back to your true self. This is the self that you were born to be. It was the idea that your soul had when it excitedly decided to go to all of the trouble of being born as a human being. It was …

A Magical Mystical Weekend Wonderland

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Just like in the book, The Secret of Mago Castle, five souls gathered in Sedona to experience the essence of Mago Castle within their own body, their own blood, their own soul. It was a sort of universal magic that had called each and every person that came to the first workshop where Mago Castle came to life. Angeline, Toby, …

MORE of what you Love

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“As it turned out, presence was the wonder drug that he’d been searching for his whole life.” – Toby in The Secret of Mago Castle Have you ever had a magical day where the world just seemed to bloom around you like a kaleidoscope of technicolor joy? You know the type of day . . . one where you smile …

Mago, Mother Earth, Al Choi painting

Who, exactly, is Mago?

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The spirit of the Earth has had many names throughout history. We’ve called her; Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Pacha Mama, and Gaia, just to name a few. If you’ve read The Secret of Mago Castle, you know that I call this great spirit of the Earth . . . Mago. For me, the name Mago, expresses more than just an …

Sedona Mago Retreat personal retreat

Win a Free Retreat!

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Calling all readers and adventure seekers! Best Life Media announces an exciting contest for readers and adventurers of all ages. Love to travel? Love to read adventure novels? Enter for a chance to win a FREE trip to Sedona, Arizona! The rules are simple: Post a review of The Secret of Mago Castle on,, or Send your …

The Secret of Mago Castle Debuts in Sedona

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The Secret of Mago Castle debuted at the world premiere of the Ilchi Lee film, CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity, last Thursday, October 9, 2014. Author Rebecca Tinkle joined the nearly 200-person event at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona, where the book is primarily set. Guests were pleased to hear her read an excerpt from the book …