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The Secret of Mago Castle is on a mission to help everyone discover the hero within. Dahn Yoga Foundation, publisher Best Life Media, and author Rebecca Tinkle have joined forces to blast courage and bravery to individuals around our community, and they have chosen YOU to deliver the book’s messages of empowerment and healing. If your heart was touched in any way by the novel and want to join in our noble quest for global peace and enlightenment, please join us in this special book drive.

Letter from Rebecca Tinkle

Rebecca TinkleHello friends of The Secret of Mago Castle!

I’m super excited to announce my very FIRST charity project: HEROES WITHOUT CAPES

One of my original intents for writing The Secret of Mago Castle was inspiration itself. I wrote this book not just as a form of entertainment but as an engine that could really spark a positive change in our world.

Dahn Yoga Foundation, Best Life Media and yours truly, have partnered up to share The Secret of Mago Castle with individuals who have the desire to become the best-most-conscious-version-of-themselves, but may not be able to afford a copy of the book at this particular time in their life.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled in my life. And I’ve wished to have a fresh wind of inspiration blow in and wake my spirit up again. We all fall upon hard times (in one way or another) and we’ve all wished for something to reignite our passion for life.

I wrote The Secret of Mago Castle because I wanted to inspire people to find the hero within themselves and truly shine from the inside out. HEROES WITHOUT CAPES is your chance to do this as well, by enabling others to share and encounter what you did when you were lost in the words of this book. This book drive is all about giving and sharing hope from the book to those that may not have access to it.


I really want to help create the best world possible and I am eager to share the exciting hope and message that this book brings to all who may read it. Thank you so much for your continued support in me, the book, and our global mission.

With all of my love and sincerest gratitude,

Rebecca Tinkle

How to Donate

If you believe in the message found in The Secret of Mago Castle and want to join the effort, there’s two ways you can contribute.

1. Buy the book from your favorite bookseller.
Then donate the copies to the Dahn Yoga Foundation. Fill out the goods donation form and email it to Be sure to include the number of books you bought and the total amount you actually paid. Your donation is tax-deductible, so indicate on the form whether you want Dahn Yoga Foundation to email you a receipt for your records.

Download the form here.

Then mail the books to the Dahn Yoga Foundation for distribution, or give them to your favorite organization or individual yourself. You can also mail the form with the books instead of emailing it if you’d like.

Ship books to:
Dahn Yoga Foundation
Heroes Without Capes Book Drive
560 E Germann Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85297

2. Buy the book from Dahn Yoga Foundation.
Simply fill out the donation form below with your payment information, indicating the number of books you would like to donate and whether or not you would like a receipt. Let Dahn Yoga Foundation distribute the books to those that need them.

Download the payment donation form here.

Take It to the Next Level!

You can even start a book drive at your work site or community location and ask other people to donate. Or help by suggesting groups in your community to the Foundation that you feel this project would benefit.

Want Books?

If you think The Secret of Mago Castle can help the individuals your organization cares for and inspire them to reach for their dreams, please write to the project coordinator, Michela Mangiaracina, at and request the number of book you would like.

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