Personal Sessions

Rebecca Tinkle

Rebecca Tinkle, author of The Secret of Mago Castle, has made herself available for intuitive energy readings. As an empath and energy healer, she uses her abilities in tandem to help identify the root cause of the issues in your life, as well as provide assistance to clear the residual blocks in your energetic field.

A session with Rebecca will leave you with a sparkling sense of enthusiasm, inspiration, as well as a renewed sense of hope and direction for your life.

You can meet with Rebecca over Skype or, if you’re in the Sedona, Arizona, area, meet her in person. To set up an appointment, email Rebecca at Rebecca can be found at Sedona Story most Tuesdays.

You can pay for your sessions safely online via PayPal. Rebecca charges $150 for each one-hour session. She also gives a 16% discount for 5 sessions for $625 and a 20% discount for 10 sessions for $1,200 if you buy them all at once.

Number of Sessions

Here’s what a few of Rebecca’s clients had to say:

Rebecca is very creative, enthusiastic, is easy-going and has an amazing ability to listen with more than her ears. She makes it easy for me to be open and honest with myself during our conversations without fear of judgment or ridicule. Nothing phases her! I have experienced life-changing awakenings in the short time I have worked with her. Rebecca, thank you for helping me to redirect my stuck energy so that I can become more efficient and powerful in my actions as I step into the boots of my own Hero – ME!!!Angela R.
“What does it feel like to do a private session with Rebecca? It feels powerful, because when you’re going for an intuitive time, and you really want to be listened to, you really want to be heard, you really are assuming and expecting that you’ll get to that deeper level yourself and with what you’re hearing in that session with her. And that is absolutely what happens when you’re in a private session with Rebecca. You can feel the depth and the deepness in which she can go for you. She can intuitively share with you your response to things, and what you need to work on, what you can positively change, let you know specifically when there’s events that are going to need you to create space and time in your life to work through, and truly get the benefit of love.Cyndi T.