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The Warrior

Like Toby, from the outside perspective you may seem like a rebel, but deep within, a righteous compass guides your path. Traumatized by the push-back that a rebel receives you may feel burned by life, not understToby-square-299anding that your rebellion isn’t a negative trait deserving to be ostracized, but rather a spiritual power that saved you from conforming to the current systems of the world so that you may trail-blaze a healthier, more harmonious humanity.

Within you is a hero . . . you just have to uncover it.

You are a charming straight-shooter that has an uncanny ability to perceive peoples motivations. Because of this you have the ability to quickly assess any situation and take decisive, immediate action—regardless of opposition. You are sure of yourself—maybe a little too sure of yourself at times. You think on your feet, talk fast, move fast, and are good at improvising. When love is your motivation, mountains step aside for fear of being leveled.

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  1. Rafael

    This book was fun to read and the spiritual principles were vividly clear. I highly recommend this book. The result of the quiz was exactly what I thought!

  2. Amy

    So accurate! Thank you for the description, it helps me feel more at peace with how I move through life and what I want to create going forward. 🙂

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